Learning Centers: How to Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a Secret Message Decoder

I recently discovered that I can set my iPad or iPhone up to decode Secret Message activities!

This means that if you have a newer Apple device, with iOS10 or higher, you don't need to purchase one of the decoder options or spend time making a decoder; simply follow the directions below to adjust the color settings on your device and then set a shortcut so that you can access the Red Tint  setting quickly!

First, you need to enable the 'Red Tint' setting.

Go into SETTINGS - GENERAL - ACCESSIBILITY - DISPLAY ACCOMMODATIONS - COLOR FILTERS. Next, click the toggle at the top to turn on the color filters option.

Scroll down until you see sliders for Intensity and Hue; slide both all the way to the right for red. The red tint will not show up in pictures or screenshots, but will alter what can be seen through the camera on the screen.

Your screen will look a bit like this with the red tint on:

For quick and easy access to this setting, you'll want to set up a shortcut.

Go into SETTINGS - GENERAL- ACCESSIBILITY - ACCESSIBILITY SHORTCUT. Click on the 'Color Filters' option on the list. Now the red tint setting can be easily accessed by triple clicking the home button. If you have multiple accessibility shortcuts set up, you'll need to choose the Color Filters option from the list

When you go to use your shortcut, you'll press the home button quickly three times. Depending up on what app you have open, you might have to choose 'Color Filters' from a list of shortcuts you have set up. It looks like this:

Now you're ready to use your device to reveal the hidden words in my Secret Message Literacy Centers! Simply turn on the Red Tint setting and then go to the Camera App. Point the camera of your device at one of the Red/Blue Secret Message cards to reveal the hidden word; you will be able to view the word on the screen of your device like this:

If you're not sure you want to purchase these activities just yet, give this FREEBIE a try! It includes the first 10 Fry Sight Word Secret Message cards, 3 different recording worksheets and an answer key.

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