Spring Literacy: Book Companion for Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

One of my most favorite spring books is STUCK by Oliver Jeffers!

I just finished updating the activities in my Book Companion pack for the Oliver Jeffers book Stuck. I added a few more pages at the suggestion of a few teacher friends, updated the formatting to maximize the use of space and cleaned up the design and organization. I even added a completely new STEM based retelling activity!

The pack includes three different picture/props for retelling: Large pictures for cutting out, small pictures for attaching to blocks and small foldable 3D pieces.

The story blocks or foldable 3D pictures can also be used for retelling and a Build & Balance STEM based activity! The picture below is what the 3D foldable pieces look like. You'll need a cardboard tube for the trunk ( I rolled brown poster board) and assorted sizes of popsicle sticks (I used about twelve 3"-8" green sticks).

The following block sets (affiliate links included for your convenience) contain blocks that are the proper size blocks to create the story blocks:

Worksheet options include pages for retelling (using pictures and/or words), story elements, main idea, creative drawing & writing, and problem solving.

Don't miss the printable mini book FREEBIE!

Check out my old post about this unit HERE where you can see some more pictures of the activities in action!

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