Montessori on a Budget

Even if you’re a Montessori newbie, I’m sure that you already know that starting Montessori classroom or homeschool program can become pricey very quickly! Authentic Montessori materials are made from high quality and sturdy materials, making them a somewhat hefty investment right up front. Some materials can be homemade relatively easily if you have a little skill with some paint, glue and sandpaper, while other materials take a bit more elbow grease and a moderate skill set with power tools. I’m not especially skilled with power tools, but know my way around the craft store pretty well and can spray paint just about anything!

In addition to classic Montessori materials that make up the foundation of a Montessori program, a variety of other materials are needed to supplement and deepen the opportunities for learning. Supplemental materials can be purchased from companies providing Montessori materials, but often at a high cost. In my experience I’ve found that many supplemental items can be purchased cheaply from thrift stores, big box stores, yard sales and other less obvious sources if you can think creatively!

Check out my favorite was to Montessori on a Budget:

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