More March Math Centers: Roll, Count & Graph

My students love playing games with dice of all sorts and I LOVE dice games because they're learning while having fun! Roll, Count & Graph activities are a favorite in my classroom so I usually keep a seasonally themed activity available as a choice on my Math shelves. I recently put out a couple of activities from this Rainbow Shamrock Roll, Count & Graph pack.

Roll, Count & Graph Activities
On one tray, I put a color dice and a coloring worksheet along with a rainbow of colored pencils. Students roll the dice, identify the color, match a colored pencil and color one shamrock that color. They continue rolling and coloring until all of the shamrocks are colored in. For my youngest students, the activity ends here -- but for my older students, they might count and graph the shamrocks from their coloring page onto one of the graphing worksheets.

On another tray, I have the graphing activity set up with a color die and colored pencils. Students roll the dice and then color the corresponding box on their worksheet. Sometimes I introduce dot markers or manipulatives to cover the spaces on the graph. With older students, we discuss most/least, more/less etc.

I love that this pack is low-prep! The worksheets come in color and black and white versions, so I can print and go OR I can laminate for repeated use. The worksheets can be easily differentiated for students on different levels and the dice are easy to assemble.

You can find this activity HERE.

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