Another Fun FREE App: Sight Word Ninja

A couple of months ago, I shared two of my favorite FREE educational apps ... Well Alligator Apps added a new app using the same 'slicing ninja' format: Sight Word Ninja

Again the same concept as that popular fruit slicing game... but with sight words! I love that it's customizable with word lists for Prek-3rd grade, three levels of difficulty and adjustable play times. There are NO in app purchase opportunities or ads and it's FREE!

I'd still like to be able to set up multiple student profiles so that I don't have to switch the settings back & forth for each student who plays AND I would love to be able to email game data to myself for easier record keeping on student progress... And if anyone from Alligator Apps is reading this... I'm still waiting for this app with simpler concepts like shapes & colors for my students who have special needs...

p.s. just for the record, I was not compensated for my opinion in any way...

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