Love, Hearts & Valentine's {FREEBIE}

This weekend, I spent some time updating & adding some new worksheets to my Candy Hearts early math learning packs... then I went to town using them with my 3 1/2 year old! He loved sorting, counting and graphing the hearts - most of all, I think he liked eating them after we were done.

Before we started, I prepared a box of Sweeheart brand candy hearts so that there were no more than 5 of any color. With older kids, you don't need to prepare the box ahead of time! We sorted the colors first - he doesn't know the names of them yet, but was able to match them to the card & put all the hearts of the same color together...

Then we quickly counted each group of hearts - I modeled how to count & touch one item at a time, but he's not there yet. Next, I showed him how to line up the hearts on the graph - we primarily focused on just putting one heart in in each box for now.

Last, we took the hearts off the graph and I helped him to color in the correct quantity of boxes on the graph. He really wasn't into this part and would have just scribbled all over the whole thing had I not had his hand in mine :)

Overall - I'd say great success!And he even got to eat a few of them when we were done!

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