Welcome to Monday...

Monday seemed to creep up on me way too fast - what happened to my weekend?  I did, however, manage to get the flower bed in our front yard cleaned out (finally!) and I trimmed back my herbs that had taken over my garden. While trimming, the wonderful smells made me think that the clippings would be perfect to take in to school for an activity about smell. Here's the before shot of my mess of an herb garden:

That mess of overgrown plants turned into this herb cutting, sensory play, scissor practice tray for morning work:

Herb Cutting Scissor Practice with a 5 senses twist!
Then we added the herbs to some lavender playdoh that I made on Sunday afternoon with my own 2 year old. It was a real hit! I had students who HATE cutting with scissors (because they're still struggling to learn how to use the scissors) ask to play with the tray more than 3 times today!

Cutting herbs and play doh with scissors.

 Be sure to check back for more fun Five Senses activities this week!


  1. Great idea to use herbs for fine motor skill practice. Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  2. We had a lot of extra herbs in our garden this year - I never would have thought to have my kids practice cutting with them. Thanks for the idea- and for sharing at After School!

    1. My students really enjoyed this activity - and it smelled so good in my classroom afterwards!