Peek @ the Week - 5 Senses

This week my students have been learning about the 5 Senses. We started out with Aliki's "My Five Senses" book and explored each of the five senses with a variety of projects, learning centers and additional books. Here are some of our 5 senses projects:

Touch Craft - We traced each child's hand on a piece of construction paper, explored a box full of pre-cut little texture squares, discussed how they felt, then students glued the texture squares on to the hand tracings. After gluing, we talked about each texture again and labeled the items with the words.
Touch craft with different textures.

Listening Tubes - The students really enjoyed this activity. I had collected these mini M&M tubes when I was potty training my son a while back. I took off the labels, cleaned with goo-gone, filled with different items (screws, beans, rice & pennies) and hot glued them shut. Then I glued some of the items that I put inside to cardboard squares so that the kids could see what was inside. The bottoms of the tubes are color coded with puff paint for self-checking, so that students can visually see which ones match even if they aren't sure which ones sound exactly the same.

Listening tubes - match the same sounds & match sounds to objects inside.

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars- Pretty simple craft to emphasize the sense of sight. Just glue or tape two rolls together, cover with paper that students have decorated, punch holes in the sides of one edge and add a string so that they can wear them. Then practice using them to spot lots of interesting things!

Sight - Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Touch & Feel Letters- Simply glue different textured items to cardboard rectangles in the shape of letters. We've use them to practice spelling names and to match letters. The kids love them! The favorite letters seem to be made from sequins and pipe cleaners. I think we will continue to add to our collection throughout the year...

Touch & Feel Letters - Spell Names and Match Letters

What things do you like to do with your class for a 5 sense unit? Or what are you doing with your class this week?

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