BUSY is an understatement!

It's been so long since I posted anything - not to say that I haven't been doing anything. It's really the complete opposite; I've been so busy that I simply cannot think straight enough to post something.

Preschool is back in full swing and the 2013-2014 school year is off to a running sprinting start! I'm back teaching at the University this fall and that too is going at an insane pace; I have 27 students in my class, which is a few less than last semester, so I'm thankful for having a few less papers to grade. Business in my TeachersPayTeachers store has been amazing, but that means it sucks up any spare second that I have to keep things moving forward.

We've been having a blast in preschool so far this year. My students just finished up a unit about apples and letter A - they really LOVED learning about and, of course, eating apples! Here are a few pictures from our apple unit.

Apple Printing - we made these nifty little handles out of our apples which let us actually eat more of the apples than the way I used to do it! The kids really thought the 'handle' was great! 

Letter A Tape & Sticker projects - great fine motor practice for early letter learners! Just tape the letter on a surface using painters taper or colored masking tape. Provide tiny stickers for placing along the lines of the letter. When students are finished, tape over top of their work with packing tape, peel entire letter off and place on a piece of colored paper to display. Great artifact for portfolio! I usually put the letter on our table, but students love doing this work on other surfaces like the windows, doors or walls.

Painters Tape & Sticker Letter Practice

Letter A hunt... huddle up and GO! Color, cut and tape these great bracelets around little wrists for instant interest in letters! I've had students pointing out letter A in the environment for days without any additional prompting.

Alphabet Bracelets can be found in my TpT store!

We also enjoyed using some of the games and worksheets form my Apple Roll, Count & Graph early literacy and math pack.

Now back to the hustle and bustle - off to pick up my own toddler, finish dinner, walk the dog, do the laundry and of course grade papers and come up with a master plan for tomorrow's activities! A teacher's work is never done...


  1. I love the alphabet bracelet idea! What a great way to help them search for letters all day! I'm visiting from the 31 Days of ABC link-up.

    1. Thanks! My preschool students really love them too! Hope you'll come visit again for more ideas for little learners...