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There's something that I absolutely love about cutting up old magazines... or perhaps just cutting paper of any type. I find it relaxing,  even meditative in some ways. As a child, I had a thing for cutting paper... making a mess, using the entire roll of tape for one project etc. In high school, I had a shoebox full of colorful images that I had carefully snipped out of the pages of my Teen Beat and Bop magazines that I used to make colorful collages. One day, my mother inadvertently threw them all away one day while I was at school!! I was furious!  I continued collecting magazine snippets throughout college, and had an entire wall of my dorm room practically wallpapered with my favorite images. Even in adulthood, I still find cutting up old magazines strangely relaxing, mind-numbingly different from the rush of my normal life...

In my classroom, Letter Learning Activities are one of my favorite things to do with old magazines! There's something about the random letters from magazines that makes me smile - its whimsy, wonderful... color, crazy, fun! The mess that went along with bringing magazine activities into my classroom made me cringe and we couldn't always find the letters we wanted with the magazines we had available at the time. I literally had boxes of letters, pictures, words and other paper bits at home - so I was inspired to create my popular printable magazine letters! Here are some of my fun letter sets for printing, cutting and pasting:

Printable Magazine Letters available in my TpT or TeacherNotebook shops!

Here's a recent alphabet hunt my students worked on:

Download the Magazine Letter Alphabet Hunt template FREEBIE here.  I'm constantly coming up with new ideas for my letters! I'd love to hear your ideas...

p.s. here's a FREEBIE black and white magazine letter sheet - perfect for making photocopies!

B&W Magazine Letter FREEBIE

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