New toy!!

I've been wanting one of those digital drawing tablet & pen gadgets for a while now, but I'm one of those people who always finds a reason not to spend money on myself - my family, kids and students always come first. My husband finally convinced me to just get something for myself for once, so I did - my very own Wacom Bamboo Capture tablet! I was completely antsy the entire afternoon - like a little kid on Christmas! As soon as I got home, got my son settled and our things put away... I plugged it in. I was skeptical and had prepared myself for a steep learning curve after a warning for the sales guy... surprisingly, it's easy to use! It only took me a few minutes to get used to drawing on the tablet and seeing my lines on the screen. I'm so excited about this thing!

I've been working on my own original clipart for some of my TpT ideas and hopefully my new Bamboo tablet will help me take my ideas digital without so many steps. I was messing around with my tablet tonight and came up with this fun Rainbow Alphabet poster:

Rainbow Alphabet Poster

I've also been working on these foldable 3-D Paper Farm Animals. I'll be adding the whole set to my TpT store soon! Just in time for spring Farm Themes...

Foldable 3-D Paper Pig

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