Green Eggs...

This week, we read "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss. The students really enjoyed this book - especially shouting 'NO!' every time Sam asked about eating the green eggs and ham!

Green Eggs and Ham Sensory Bin
I LOVE our Green Eggs and Ham sensory bin! There are tons of fun things int his bin - the kids' favorite things are the felt eggs and ham inside of the mini plastic eggs. They've been 'cooking' up interesting plate fulls of green grass, green eggs, green ham and multicolored pom poms for my assistant and I to 'eat' - mmm yummy!

I made lots of adaptations to the reading of this story so that all of my students could get into the story and understand it on their level. Interestingly enough, this book works great for multiple speech, language and listening goals.

I was able to incorporate many 'listening' sounds and phrases into our reading to keep students who are just learning to attend to sounds and words interested in the book:

eggs/ham - mmm yummy
mouse - squeak
car - beep beep
train - ooo-ooo
rain - "it's raining its pouring.." 
boat - buh-buh + "row row row your boat..."
goat -  maaah
tree - up, up, up
crazy train tracks - up, up, up wee!
falling into the water - uh-oh!

The simplified version of the story when something like this:

Sam: Do you like green eggs and ham?

Man: No, no, no! I don't like them! 

Read & REPEAT...

I paired the simplified story with reading the actual rhyming text and threw in the 'sound effects' as we went...

We made Green Glitter letter G's and Painted with lots of Green... what a mess! I think we'll hand up all of these green pages in the hall like a giant green quilt mural. Green's a great color for spring :)

Green Finger painting
We made a plate of green eggs and ham. The kids watched me put the pieces together to make the completed plate of green eggs and ham, then had to figure out how to do it themselves - kind of like a puzzle. They did pretty good remembering how I made mine and copying the steps themselves. There's also our Cat in the Hat letter C's too!
Green Eggs and Ham Craft

We also played "Who at the Green Eggs and Ham" Card Game from Elaine over at the Schoolhouse blog. Once the students realized it was a funny game and that getting the Green Eggs and Ham card wasn't a 'bad' thing, they enjoyed it.

Who at the Green Eggs and Ham? Wasn't me...

To finish out our week of Green Eggs, we had planned to eat green eggs and watch the old green eggs cartoon on Youtube, but I forgot the eggs... The kids enjoyed the movie anyway though. Perhaps next week we'll get to the eggs... 

Next week, we'll dive into "Mr. Brown Can Moo"!


  1. What a neat blog you have! I will definitely be passing it along to some of my Special Ed preschol teacher friends. :) Thanks for sharing on "31 Days of ABCs"!

    1. Thanks for visiting! Please come back often for the scoop from my classroom!